Laurie Riker provides one-on-one coaching sessions, group coaching sessions, hosts webinars, and can speak at your organization. Keep scrolling to learn more and to book!

Quality of Life Coaching 1:1 Coaching

4 “Power of Choice” Sessions (1/2 hour each)
Investment: $1000

This 4 session program connects you to your inner power and is designed specifically to connect you to your roadmap within. It is essential that you are in alignment with your heart, your mind, your body, your soul, your purpose and your power. It is designed for those that are ready to discover more power within and create massive change with how you feel, think, talk and be from this newfound power connection. Your outcome with this program is more joy, confidence, peace, laughter, truth, connection, purpose, and love…you will connect with the “you” that has always been there.

“Power of Choice”  Group

Laser Coaching, Group Coaching, Meditations and More!
Investment: $1195 per 6 months

Join me with your new tribe once a month to get your questions answered and benefit from one-on-one laser coaching! Gain access to our secret Facebook group, dedicated to creating your Quality of Life Coaching. Receive support, inspirations, feedback and loving nudging from myself and your fellow mastermind tribe members. Receive a BONUS session with me once every month to fine tune your Power of Choice mindset into new life patterns. This mastermind group will open doors, build community and expedite your success!

Professional Speaking

Ask Laurie to facilitate a dynamic workshop within your organization!
Investment: Contact Laurie for more details

Laurie Riker is the owner of Quality of Life Coaching. She is a Professional Life Coach, Power Of Choice Mentor and Certified Ignitor Coach. Laurie has been an expert on the “WIN WIN” radio show, which reaches an audience of over 42,000 listeners. She is a co-author of a new book, Women Who Influence, which is a collection of 29 inspirational stories that will have a major impact on you and will inspire you to take action on dreams yet to be realized. Laurie’s main expertise is to help people get to their core desires and mirror who people truly are.

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